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Modified Epoxy Polyamine

Special coating for pipelines

Modified epoxy polyamine coating according to ISO EN-10289 standard for covering underground oil pipelines and in accordance with the special paint of pipelines from American Carboline Company called carboguard 703 and has the approval of standard 10289 from Iran Oil Industry Research Institute and Oil Producing Areas Laboratory. This coating is the only Paint available in Iran that has the ability to apply it on the pipe in one step. It has been used in most of the projects of oil transmission lines and it has the patent certificate of Iran in the field of the only acceptable paint in the coating. It has pipelines; One of the most important features of this paint is its ability to be immersed in water immediately after application and its abrasion resistance is very high, so it can be used on the pier/pile (splash zone and tidal zone) and has marine effects.

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